Associates in Counseling

Serving the Newark, Heath, Granville and surrounding areas of Central Ohio

Recovery Solutions Center was developed in response to the need in our community to address the opiate problem with a clinic and treatment services combined in a private setting.  This collaboration was formed with the mission of providing a medication assisted treatment clinic and treatment principles that contribute to a healthy foundation for recovery. Our goal is to provide quality care in order to give our patients the best possible start in the recovery process.

The Suboxone Clinic services and medication assisted treatment evaluations will be provided by Dr. Raju Fatehchand. He completed his residency program at Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY and he was part of the hospital's team which was one of the first to establish an acute inpatient addiction treatment center. Raju has also served as the past medical director of the Syracuse Behavior and Addiction unit in Rochester, NY. Currently he has a thriving medical practice in Newark Ohio, and continues to passionately care for populations with various addiction issues and has extensive experience in treatment options for medication assisted treatment for opiate addiction.  The Suboxone clinic hours of operation are by appointment only, and there are no walk in services at this facility. To schedule an appointment for the clinic or a consultation please call 740-415-4609.